Introducing Case Catcher™ by ARM Automation, an extremely versatile, high-speed robotic case packing system capable of forming complex patterns of virtually any product through its unique approach to material handling and control. Developed over the last several years in partnership with industry-leading consumer product manufacturers, our Case Catcher system offers a compelling alternative to traditional case pack equipment and manual operations for companies with difficult-to-pick products, high mix products, and/or varying product pack patterns.

Product Video
  • Pack rates up to 300 parts per minute
  • Case rates up to 20 cases per minute
  • No pattern-specific tooling changes
  • Jam-proof open frame architecture
  • Infinitely flexible pattern combinations
  • Multi-servo zone dynamic buffer feed system for grouping product
  • Versatile case introduction and delivery
  • Compact footprint
  • Wide variety of product and patterns in one system
  • Automates many currently manual-only caseload processes
  • Rapid software-only product changeovers
  • Open frame facilitates access and housekeeping
  • Small footprint with many configurations available
  • Allows for more complex pack patterns for better case utilization
  • Use of standard robot systems ensures high reliability and low maintenance

Please contact Derek Black, ARM Automation, Inc. at 512.894.3534 or